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    creativity like “yo”,

    attention span like “no”.

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    I feel like Tina whenever I’m around my boyfriend and his brother. They both have fantastic asses.


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    Whats buzzing BBCs? (~≖‿≖)~

    I have easy access to a lot of merchs so I thought why not make a giveaway for Block B Jackpot comeback and 3 years anniversary. So here it is~ 

    Giveaway date: April 15th – May 25th 2014

    There will be 2 winners (first one to reply will get to choose)

    1st: Jackpot album, light stick & 1 member T-shirt of your choice

    2nd: B’ifferent DVD & 1 member T-shirt of your choice

    Please make sure to read the rules carefully before entering because if you don’t you might lose your chance of winning. Please don’t enter this giveaway if you’re just planning on selling it once you win.

    You don’t have to follow me but it’d be nice. Please don’t follow me then unfollow me after the giveaway is over.

    You can reblog this post as many times as you want and likes give you an extra chance. (Please don’t spam your followers and do not erase the text from the giveaway post when you reblog it.

    NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS!!! I know a giveaway blog when I see one, if I check and see that you’re a giveaway blog, you’ll be completely disqualified.

    I ship worldwide so you can enter wherever you live.

    Winners will be select by: http://www.random.org/

    Your ask box is needs to be open. The winner will be given 24 hours to respond. If you don’t respond in 24 hours, then I’ll pick a new winner. Any questions you can ask me or contact me @hephaphyemi on twitter.

    Good luck bees ♡

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    why does everything close so early on sunday jesus didnt die for this

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    Kris, do you remember the basketball ground in Churchill? This’s Mr Pears and his wishes for you! Happy Birthday, Kris!


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    "I’m broken inside and I can’t even explain why anymore."

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140423 GD Twitter update
Note: The yellow ribbon is for the Sewol ferry tragedy last week.

    140423 GD Twitter update

    Note: The yellow ribbon is for the Sewol ferry tragedy last week.

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    cool it comes with a free refill 

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    Never forget

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    asks are rebloggable? whats next… rebloggable selfies??

    selfies are rebloggable…

    obviously not because then id get notes haha nice try though

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    do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

    it’s called makeup

    you can put eyeliner on a frat boy that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s wearing a neon muscle shirt and nike flip flops

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    4/100 favorite jiyong airport outfits

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    i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there is a 900% chance i’ll cry

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